Acorn to MediTek

Stairlift Comparison
MediTek Stairlift
Acorn Stairlift

The MediTek Mk1H and Acorn Superglide are very similar designs.  Both are battery operated, direct drive rack and pinion systems that have higher than average specifications. The main differences are:

  • MediTek has ICCC (integral continuous charging circuit) constant battery charging system. This is not available on any Acorn stairlifts, which increases battery life and allows to for longer staircases.
    • MediTek utilizes 12 bearing equipped guide rollers that provide vertical and lateral securement to the rail system. Acorn uses 8 bearing-less guide rollers in vertical plane only (no lateral securement).
  • Bearing equipped rollers run more smoothly and do not ‘drag’ on the rail like bearing-less ones do. Lateral securement of the carriage is important to prevent fore and aft rocking motion of the carriage/seat assemblies.
  • MediTek guide rollers are cylindrical in shape and provide more contact, ensuring that all contact running surfaces run at the same speed. Acorn uses rollers that are concave in shape, which tend to grab and skid as different parts of the rollers running surface run at different peripheral speeds.
  • MediTek motor has 4 comutator brushes and is a short-stack design that creates more torque and is more compact. Acorn uses a cheaper 2 brush, long-stack motor.
  • MediTek uses high quality and properly finished (painted) steel chassis construction. The chassis is ultra-strong, durable and resistant to flexing. Acorn uses pressure die-cast aluminum chassis plates that are unfinished and brittle (brittleness is a metallurgical characteristic of die-cast aluminum). This type of casting can fail quite easily when subjected to a shock impact – or in situations where gear teeth do not mesh correctly during installation of the carriage.
  • MediTek seat height is adjustable from 18’’ to 24’’ depending on the height of the user. Acorn’s seat height is one set height.
  • MediTek offer a range of upholstery colors. Acorn only has one color option
  • MediTek offers a linked seat and footrest option. Acorn does not so a user must bend down to lift up the footrest when unit is folded away  


  • MediTek seat swivel lever releases the seat, allowing it to swivel, by pulling the lever up. Acorn seat swivel is pushed down to release. This can be potentially dangerous in situations where the lever could be activated by a heavier users' hip or thigh.
  • MediTek unit is easily “re-handable” without special tools or additional parts. Acorn unit requires a replacement seat, carriage cover and index plate cover to switch from a right hand install to a left (vice versa).
    • MediTek on-board diagnostic displays combined battery voltage in running mode. A multi-meter is required to determine Acorn battery voltage.  
  • The MediTek standing/perch model is a no extra cost option and utilizes a fully upholstered and padded seat and a toggle control attached to the armrest. The Acorn perch model is an extra cost option.
  • MediTek offers both a manual and automatic hinged rail option. Acorn has no automatic hinged rail available

Stephen Unser